Baking steel

Home of Baking Steel, the ultra-conductive pizza stone made of steel. Made in the USA and preseasoned with out proprietary oil. Join Andris in his test kitchen for a hands on course in making great pizza with a Baking Steel.

Home of Baking Steel, the revolutionary ultra-conductive pizza baking surface made of steel. Pizza stone made from ultra-conductive steel. Inspired by Modernist Cuisine, the Baking Steel is more conductive cooking surface than stone and stores up to 18 . I came out with the early word on the Baking Steel, a product which at the time was in Kickstarter mode trying .

If a steel makes a better baking surface than stone, would copper be even better? Finally the Pizza Steel has arrived in the UK – We give you the worlds best baking steel, with fast shipping, free return and lots of pizza love. Bake pizzeria-quality pizzas at home with this innovative baking steel. Thick, pre-seasoned steel will never break, is easy to clean and boasts incredible heat .