Fixie pizza cutter

Bicycle Pizza Cutter – TOUR de PIZZA – Dual Stainless Steel Non-Stick Cutting Wheels – Display Stand – A very Cool Gift for the Kitchen by SoHo Kitchen . Deze miniatuur fixie van DOIY rijdt op fabuleuze wijze jouw pizza in punten! Geen bodem is voor deze tweewieler te moeilijk om te snijden, dus zelfs de Big .

Take your pizza game to the next gear with this fixie-inspired slicer. Geen kaascol te hoog, geen pizzabeleg te glad! Met dit originele pizzames van Doiy fiets je de pizzapunten er in snelheid vanaf.

The Fixie Pizza Cutter is like a miniature version of the authentic fixie bike and features double sharp cut discs for precise cutting.

Cosmopolitan metal Riviera Fixie Pizza Cutter. It reinterprets the pizza cutter with a small patterned bike leaning on its stand. You don’t see many people on unicycles these days.

Because they’re clumsy contraptions and you look silly riding them. DOIY’s Fixie Pizza Cutter is a handheld slicer in the shape of a bicycle. It is designed with tiny handlebars, a seat and . The brand has presented a hip pizza cutter in the form of a fixed gear bicycle, with its two wheels acting as the blades.

The cool Fixie Pizza Cutter is designed . Add a French Stylish touch to your Fixie.

This white and blue stripes pattern with the red touch transport us on the French . The Fixie Pizza Cutter by doiy is an über hip pizza cutter that looks like a miniature fixed-gear bicycle. The Fixie Pizza Cutter will add a cosmopolitan touch to your Friday nights with Pizza and friends. Deze Fixie Pizza Cutter is echt ontworpen voor ons Nederlanders!

Zonder de fiets kunnen we niet functioneren en ook al mopperen we vaak . The Fixie Pizza Cutter from DOIY is in the shape of a bicycle. It’s a fun and effective way to slice your favorite pie, and no helmet is required. Herbeleef de Tour de France en andere wielerklassiekers keer op keer aan tafel. Deze pizza-snijder racet als een snelle koersfiets door de lekkerste pizza’s.

The Fixie Pizza Cutter by DOIY is undoubtedly the perfect gift idea for cycling fanatics and pizza lovers alike. Its playful bike design has rotating wheels with razor . Fixie Pizza Cutter by Doiy: Order the miniature bicycle pizza cutter with two blades, now available in the interior design shop. It is designed by Doiy Design and is called Fixie Pizza Cutter. Of course is a very hipster thing, for those alternative you loving those Fixie bikes .