Menu bottle grinder

Bottle Grinders look nothing like the salt and pepper grinders you’re used to. To create something noticeable and to change a . At Menu, we’re obsessed with clever solutions, and love it when designers dream up ingenious, problem-solving .

De Menu Design Bottle Grinder Peper- en Zoutmolen is een ontwerp van Norm Architects. Deze peper- en zoutmolen is gemaakt om te verassen. Buy now Pepper Salt Mill Bottle Grinder Set small designed by Menu at Menu-Shop!

Menu’s new Bottle Grinder was built for performance.

Bestel de Bottle Grinder AshCarbon bij Peperenzoutmolenshop. This is a high-performing grinder that inverts traditional salt and pepper mills by putting the mechanism at the top. What that means for us is no more piles of salt . The bottle-shaped grinders from Menu mills more than salt and pepper – Bottle Grinder is a spice grinder, so you can choose to freshly mill larger and more . Quality salt and pepper mills that are a break from (or by) the Norm. The attractive Bottle Grinder Set from Menu.

MENU 48015Sweeper and Funnel, Black. The omission of any description of the materials used for the bottle itself .