Octave mandolin

The octave mandolin is a fretted string instrument with four pairs of strings tuned in fifths, G, A, E (low to high), an octave below a mandolin. Eastman Mandolins Eastman MDO3A Octave Mandolin $699. Mandolin Family Pono M-Octave – Mahogany Due June $349.

We offer a large area of mandolins (Portuguese mandolin, Modern mandolin), Mandola, Bouzouki, Cobza, Psaltery, Dulcimers, Balalaika, Panpipes, Domra, . The top and back are carved from air dried split billets. Mandolin Maple ribs, Neck: Maple, Flat solid maple back, Acacia fretboar Scale:. Tuning from low to high: G-D-A-E – one octave below the Mandolin tuning,.

Creating our octave mandolin has been a fun project. We’ve pulled together a variety of different specs and influences to create something very unique with its . As its name would suggest, the octave mandolin is tuned a full octave below the mandolin. Weber offers both a inch and a inch scale length with a body .

The Mandola – alto or tenor – the original variant on the lute which gave us the. Mandolin – Violin; Mandola – Viola; Tenor Mandola (‘Octave Mandola’)- Tenor . APC M3Cedar Octave Mandolin with Pickup. Octave Mandolins using a small archtop guitar body style. Get the guaranteed best price on Mandolins like the Gold Tone OM-800+ Octave Mandolin at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands . A very popular instrument in the performance of traditional and Celtic music.

The instrument is very versatile for both melody and rhythm . We build a full line of Celtic Mandolins both standard and custom made as well as Octave Mandolins and Irish Bouzoukis. Eastman MDO-3Classic Octave Mandolin Case. Weber Yellowstone HT Custom Octave Mandolin Case. The Sorensen Big Dog Octave mandolin uses the contemporary style of the modern archtop guitar, then adds the growl of four-courses of paired strings. D’Addario’s octave mandolin strings are designed for use with octave mandolins of various scales.

The unwound strings are made from plain steel . Archtop guitar-shaped octave mandolin has stunning looks and rich tone.