Summing mixer

Analogue summing is proving a popular route for ‘warming up’ digital mixes, and there are many models on the market that are dedicated to the task. Heritage Audio MCMSumming Rack, 8-Slot Rack Frame for 500er Modules with build-in 10-Channel Summing Mixer, Mix Bus with vintage Neve-style passiveĀ . There’s a big debate looming in the recording world and it revolves around analog summing.

People say that mixing “in the box” will neverĀ . NEW : Dangerous Music 2-Bus LT Summing Mixer #4(Used). Phoenix Audio Nicerizer Summing Mixer #NICE16-00(Used). Op mijn zoektocht naar goede controllers kwam ik bij de topmerken (SSL, Neve) het concept analoge summing mixer tegen.

A summing mixer is analog hardware for turning multitracks into stereo. Basically, a mixing desk but, designed specifically for this task. Hi, Working exclusivly ITB, how would one use a summing mixer, and more importantly why? Summing mixers (the BIG topic 20edition)berichtenjan 2016Vintage Maker – Neumann – V4Summing Mixerberichtenmaart 2011Why do I need a summing mixer?

Neve 88Summing Mixer – Vintage King Audio,rh:vintageking. Summing Mixers – Outboard – Funky Junk,rh:proaudioeurope. Summing Mixers for Audio Recording,rh:studiorackgear.

Summing Mixers – Sonic Circus,rh:soniccircus.

Een andere afbeelding meldenMeld de aanstootgevende afbeelding. Funky Junk provides a wide range of summing mixers for all your front end needs of your DAW.