Thymio robot

Thymio is a small robot which will allow you to discover the universe of robotics and learn a robot’s language. You will be able to program it and carry out . This pack contains: challenge cards, Wireless Thymio robot, Thymio remote control and a lot .

Thymio is produce distributed and sold by the non-profit association. You can order Thymio and its accessories on the mobsya shop worldwide or find a local . Thymio est un petit robot éducatif qui permet de découvrir l’univers de la robotique et d’apprendre le langage des robots. Thymio II is an awesome little robot with over sensors, lights, motors, and LEGO integration.

Kids love Thymio because it is personable and inspires . We are the source to get inspired to learn, create and do. Come here to learn how to use the Thymio robot, get your own and be inspired by other kid’s projects! Thymio is an educational robot already used worldwide by private users and schools. Children can play with it and program it. The Thymio robot is a small mobile robot with powerful features and a very good programming software.

This cost effective robot has been deisgned for . With its colourful user interface designed for the youngsters, the Thymio II mobile robot is a very popular choice when it comes to discover robot programming.