Trackr range

TrackR bluetooth low energy and Crowd GPS, see how TheTrackR works! Learn more about TrackR from the most frequently asked questions about the product and company. Read our TrackR Bravo review to see how well it works.

So if you leave your TrackR-attached keys behin your phone will sound an alarm when you travel out of range, while the keys will sound off . TrackR devices will stay connected with your phone up to 1feet, conditions may vary in range. After the 1feet, the TrackR device will disconnect and record . I tested a TrackR Bravo as a vehicle tracker.

I go over the hardware, the app, and my intended use for it. You can also set it so that the TrackR buzzes when it’s out of range of your Smart device. I made the mistake of going out to the mailbox one . Using BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) which is like Bluetooth used.

This is true as long as the device is in range. This means that although the TrackR bravo only has a range of 1ft (m), when one user of the TrackR app comes within range of another . Bravo also has the ability to track items that aren’t within Bluetooth range of your phone. This is possible through TrackR’s clever “Crowd .